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Rose Gift Award, Round Three, Part Two

One of the perks of being awarded a Rose is getting to give out a Rose next time around. Round Two's RoseGift recipient bloodredcheval knew who she wished to recognize right away. Her choice was tessbelle, and I agree wholeheartedly.

Here is an excerpt from one of tessbelle's recent journal entries:

The funniest part is that I've discovered as a 25 year old woman, I'm
putting a lot more emphasis on my personal value. *I'm beautiful,
intelligent, funny, compassionate, understanding, lovable,
trustworthy, silly, and damn sexy. The truth of the matter is that
this journey has brought me to a wonderful place. Loving and
appreciating myself more than ever before, I'm so glad I've
experienced this. Even after a pretty dull date, I go home with a
smirk...thinking that another one has fallen under my spell.

And, to top it all off, I've gone down a size. My stars must be
aligned, angels must be watching out, hot damn...I'm feeling lucky.

*Excuse extraordinarily out of character immodest rant :)

Introspection, self-love, caring for her physical well-being... What more could she be doing to show that she's a positive role model? Well, she's also furthering her education.

For those of you who aren't aware of it, this community started off as a way for me to recognize the strength that all women have inside after I myself had a bad day and was a bit whiny about it. I wanted to recognize those who reminded me of my own strengths, but who also had plenty of their own that I was proud of them for. Each time I post about one of the award recipients, I am overwhelmed by how incredibly strong and resilient women are.

To tessbelle: you are leading by example, and for that, you rock. Congratulations!

To the rest of us I would say, we all have it in us. We have but to be reminded of it.
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