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Because You Have Asked it of Me, jinzi

Only because you have requested it of me, my dear jinzi...Since this community has become a place to express when we are feeling good and positive about ourselves...let me kick off the festivities....

You see, when I am feeling not so great about myself (which happens, sometimes, to the best of us, I think about my ankles. You see, I love my ankles. I am actually a little vain about them. And because I have shared the story the above link takes you to with many of my friends and because I think it's funny and because this is a place to post good and positive things about ourselves, I post here for you...*gasp, swoon* photographs of my ankles. So you may share in their distinct beauty. *laughing teasingly at myself* (apologies to those who have already seen these pictures in my own journal).

Ain't she sweet?

See her walkin' down the street...

Now I ask you very confidentially, ain't she sweet?

You may resume your regular activities after your heart-rate has returned to normal.
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