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Rose Gift Award, Round Two, Part One

Last week's recipient, gentleeleos, has chosen well.

I'd like to welcome scgraphix to The Roster of the Rose, which can be found on the community's bio page.

Here is what gentleeleos had to say about our new friend:

After a really heartbreaking breakup with her Christmas,
no less, she has really picked herself up and gone on with her life,
healing in the process.  Sometimes, she is still a bit raw, but she
going on with her life in a most inspiring way.  As she is fond of
saying "I'm a tigger...we bounce."

She is working successfully at several jobs at once, has started
dating again, and is working on improving both her body and her mind. 
This is a quality woman, and a very good friend.  She inspires me.

She refuses to be put down or used in any way, recently putting in her
journal a Declaration of Reality and Equality, in which she declared
herself a woman who would no longer be taken advantage of, in
friendship or in love: "I want to be treated as well as I treat you. 
Pretty simple isn't it?"

But, what really got me is this statement of a couple of weeks ago:

"But on the whole women really are the stronger sex. We can bear up
under incredible amounts of pain, laugh through sorrow and generally
we can soothe those around us even when we're about to lose our shit
majorly. We're soft but resiliant. Even when we've been beaten down
again and again we draw ourselves back up and dare to hope."

The thing is, she doesn't just give it lip service....she lives it.

So, that's why she's my nominee for the rose.  *smile* 

See? I told you she chose well. Again, welcome scgraphix. I look forward to adding one of your friends to our community in a few weeks. As you so eloquently put it, "maybe we can plant a garden here."
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