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Rose Gift Award, Round Two, Part Two

The moderator's choice for a Rose recipient this round is bloodredcheval.

heizusan recommended her to me for a Rose, stating that bloodredcheval "has been pursuing payment on debts (on the order of bankruptcy) left behind by an ex."

Ending a long-term relationship is often difficult, but when money (especially money owed) is involved, it tends to be
much more so. I read through some of bloodredcheval's entries and found much strength and courage in them.
It was this passage in particular that sealed her receipt of the Rose:

"At this point I've made a vow to myself for one of two things: one, I will find that note and pursue him legally to get my funds; and 2, I will tell him to leave me alone and that he no longer has the right to participate in my life in any way, shape, or form."

Admitting that there is work to be done and promising yourself that it will be done is impressive. Her later
entries prove that she meant every word. Bravo, bloodredcheval!
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